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Turn your creative thinking into productive coding.


The Next Day Class Begins October 7th 2019!

Application Deadline: September 27th 2019

Interviews Begin September 30th 2019

Night School Option Begins October 21st 2019!

Application Deadline: October 11th

Interviews Begin: October 14th

In 2019 The Harbor Entrepreneur Center will offer a software development training program, JRS Coding School.

Over the course of 12-weeks, students will learn the skills necessary to become proficient junior professional level developers in full-stack JavaScript. In addition to learning the programming language, students will develop an understanding of Agile workflow, team communication skills, and software life-cycle training.

Tuition: $10,000*

*We offer a 0% interest payment plan for our students. It requires a down payment of $3,000 with monthly payments of $1,000 per month until the $10,000 tuition is paid in full. We are happy to provide further information at your request.


About JRS Coding School

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it has fostered an insatiable demand for leading-edge technology business products and the professionals who develop them. The JRS Coding School was established in 2016 to help bridge the gap between the demand for development expertise and the talent available in the marketplace.

Upon graduating from this 12-week immersive “boot-camp”program, successful students will be proficient at a junior professional level, able to build full-stack web applications using JavaScript. Students are also introduced to agile workflow, communication, and software lifecycle training to prepare them for working in a dynamic professional software development setting.


Why JavaScript?

JavaScript has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past few years, both in its utility as a technology and its value as a skill in the job market. JavaScript has long been the only programming language that can be run natively in a web browser.

JavaScript is now being used to program everything from servers to mobile devices to microcontrollers. In their most recent reports, both GitHub and RedMonk rank JavaScript as the world’s most popular programming language. Burning Glass Technologies lists JavaScript as the web development skill with the highest demand in the job market.


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*JRS Coding School courses are not credit-bearing. We do not accept hours or credit from other institutions through transfer of credit, challenge examinations, achievement tests, or experiential learning. Courses taken at JRS Coding School are unlikely to count as transfer credit at another institution at this time.