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We have one goal at The Harbor: Create collision throughout the entrepreneur community. We believe that entrepreneurship is the number one way to grow Charleston’s economy. We envision that our Mentor list will grow dramatically over the next 10 years as we help aspiring entrepreneurs and existing company founders reach the multi million dollar status.

Not sure where you fit in?  This is how many are already involved….

Harbor Workspace

Finding relevant workspace has never been easier!

No more working from home or a coffee shop with all the distractions and missing elements. Our Pacific Box & Crate site is open with other entrepreneurs moving their ventures forward banging around each other daily. Gone are the days of trying to decide where to hold your meetings, feeling like you’re on the “I’m the only one working island” and searching for a spot to make a phone call.

Working from The Harbor site works like this:

  • A monthly flat rate charge for either designated workspace, float workspace, or a private office with a refundable deposit due and 2 week cancellation notice

  • 24/7 access to conference rooms, meeting rooms, and more

  • Automatic draft of debit or credit card to make life easy


Mentors have been there, done that, and have a box of logo’d t-shirts in the closet to prove it. Mentors are individuals that have founded at least one multi-million enterprise. Many have multiple enterprises and experience building, selling, and raising capital. Mentors are selected yearly by the Mentors and is by invitation only.


Specialty Experts

Specialty Experts are individuals that have specific areas of expertise and ability to help entrepreneurs grow. One of our most valuable assets in Charleston is the wealth of knowledge that individuals can give to our growing enterprises. Our Expert’s skill sets include marketing, business growth, law, accounting, strategic planning, web design, social media, and more. We only ask that you volunteer your time while the start-ups are in the accelerator or propel programs. Once they graduate you are welcome to use your new relationship to continue helping them in a vendor or investor relationship. There is no specific commitment of time. You and the startup determine the timing. We do ask that you meet at the Harbor so we can facilitate interactions between experts, mentors, and the start-ups. Experts are expected to support as a Sponsor.


Sponsors create collision through a major investment in the economic development of our region. There is no substitute to the love and loyalty that a founder has to those companies and individuals that helped them get started and build to the next level. Connecting with these company leaders is one of the most powerful sponsorships you can make. All contributions are fully tax deductible as a donation to a 501(c)3.