Cohort 8 (Aug-Nov 2017)

Cohort 8


HERmixer is a concentrated cocktail mini-mixer to bring a burst of flavor to any basic cocktail, and that means more than just a Vodka Soda.  Designed to work in vodka, gin, tequila, bourbon or whiskey; HERmixer bring natural and low calorie (5 calories per serving) craft, fruity cocktail taste to any house drink.


Indexic is a software as a service provider that specializes in the tour industry. Our flagship product is Event Book Manager which is reservation management software for tour companies to use to run their business. Our newest product is AWaiver which is electronic waiver signing software that enables customers/clients to sign liability waivers prior to arriving at the event location. We also have a kiosk version of the software that allows the customer/client to sign an e-waiver on site using a tablet.


Interloop delivers predictive sales analytics to give execs and managers new visibility into forecasts and at-risk deals, combined with insights and tools for reps in the field to take immediate action.

 -Increase visibility into pipeline changes

 -Manage forecasting with auto reminders and updates

 -Understand what is coming so you can take action today

- Integrate the tools you already use to eliminate data entry

Case Status

Case Status is an app designed to solve the communication disconnect between attorneys and their clients. Although it can be utilized in any practice, it solves a major pain point for attorneys whom work on a contingency basis (i.e. attorneys whom do not get paid until the case is resolved). Clients can log onto the app and view what is going on in their case in real-time and even refer attorneys with a click of a button (a major feature considering referrals are the lifeblood of any law firm). Case Status allows attorneys and clients to send quick messages to each other, and clients can view what to expect next as their case progresses. The app will save attorneys hours each week, while creating a stronger relationship with their clients. Case Status is the future of the practice of law, and will lead to less stress and better quality of life for attorneys and their clients.

Green Blox

At Green Blox, our motto is "Simpler Building for a Better World." We offer a lightweight, interlocking alternative to traditional bricks, blocks, and pavers. Green Blox are made from 100% upcycled plastic, and for every brick that is purchased, we will provide a brick overseas to help construct homes for those in need. Our products are extremely versatile, and can be used to build patios, fences, privacy screens, patio furniture, or as hands-on learning tools for children.


Buying software is a frustrating and lengthy process for businesses. There are over a thousand vendors for sales and marketing software alone, causing a lot of confusion. Currently buyers are going to review sites to sift through outdated and conflicting opinions. Brass simplifies the software evaluation process by asking simple questions about what the buyer actually cares about and needs, while immediately generating unbiased, expert driven purchase recommendations, for free. 


Taste helps people find the best local places to eat and drink. Locals get one favorite in each category; one coffee shop, one burger joint, etc. Check-In to receive milestones in each category to increase the value of your opinion and keep track of where you've been. Even compare your favorites with those closest to you. By removing reviews and one-to-five star ratings, Taste intrinsically reshapes the way people decide where to go eat and drink through a positive exchange: favorites.

Collective Force

Collective Force is a mission based company serving local schools, churches, and non-profits through a free mobile fundraising platform. We create service minded relationships between the consumer, local businesses, and local non-profits. We offer free advertising for businesses and direct savings to the consumer while creating a recurring revenue stream for fundraising organizations. Collective Force pledges profits to the Collective Force Foundation, which serves local nonprofits.