Cohort 7 (Jan-April 2017)

Cohort 7


Jyve is a live music booking tool that connects musicians to local music venues by streamlining the entire music booking experience. With Jyve, venues can seamlessly discover, screen, communicate with, book, and pay local artists to perform. Musicians can use Jyve to maintain a profile, gain visibility, manage their schedules, and get paid.

Corner Office

We do for executive hiring, what eHarmony has done for relationships!

A confidential and secure platform combining connection and compatibility through a proprietary matching technology and pool of verified executives. We are changing the status quo in executive compatibility with our ever-expanding network of currently employed executives whom have shared with us their next step ambitions, values, motivations and environments in which they thrive. With an unique approach, our 91% success rate looks past simplistic keyword matches and provides companies with successful talent who will fit the company culture, has the experiences needed and has identified and expressed interest in their specific company. It’s time to move beyond simplistic matching algorithms – compatibility matters from both sides.

Corner Office, the future of executive hiring.


iScape is a garden and landscape design app that is used to easily create and share virtual renderings of outdoor spaces on the go. iScape helps eliminate the guesswork and confusion between homeowners and contractors – which in return – will save you valuable time and money. The iScape apps have already seen a lot of traction with over 700,000 new users and more than 4,000,000 different sessions. 


CostProjections provides calculations of future medical costs of injured people for lawyers to use in litigation. Their reports include lifetime medical expenses for doctor's visits, medications, diagnostics, surgeries, durable goods and other costs. They have created an automated expert system, taking the human element out of the lower end of reports and allowing the business to scale. Lawyers typically pay $1,500 and wait 4-6 weeks for a report, CostProjections provide those reports instantly for as low as $250. They offer a variety of reports at different levels of detail to provide future medical costs in any format the lawyer needs. They are the first in the country to provide online expert reports. 

PT on Demand

PT on Demand (PToD) operates a proprietary platform that delivers personalized therapy regimens to customers directly on their smart device or computer. It solves the “time is money” problem for Health Care Professionals & Physical Therapists by reducing the need for in-person patient interactions, and also solves the access problem for patients by providing an On Demand PTPlatform at a fraction of the cost that is always available.  PToD empowers patients by improving quality of life through physical therapy and rehabilitative exercise. 


Citibot’s technology connects citizens with their local governments by integrating with popular apps such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as basic text messaging. Through interacting with Citibot, citizens can quickly find answers to common civic questions, including holiday trash pick-up times or how to renew a business license, as well as report city issues like potholes and broken stoplights. Citizens in your city want to be heard. They want to be given the ability to express their concerns and know that they matter. We have the tools to help you listen and be interactively engaged.

Modal BioTech

Modal BioTech (MBT) is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of biotechnology products.  MBT supplies products and technology that solve real world environmental problems with green technology.  Their primary product, Effic, is OMRI listed as organic and is approved for use by the USDA and 19 states.  Presently, MBT is focused on the remediation and maintenance of detention and retention ponds in the Low Country.  MBT's products reduce or eliminate: 

  1. Algae

  2. Silting

  3. Turbidity in the water column for clarity and aesthetic appeal

  4. Dredging

  5. BOD (biological oxygen demand) and TSS (total suspended solids)

  6. Decreases toxicity and organic wastes, including petroleum and its by-products