Cohort 6 (August - November 2016)


Vaetas is a software company offering video-based mobile and web tools for business development. The company specializes in offering businesses the ability to turn their videos into an actionable step in their customer relationship building process, for example the ability to generate leads or purchase a product directly from the video itself, with the use of strategic call-to-action video technology. The company also offers training on best practices and strategies on using video in inbound marketing, sales, and retention efforts. Vaetas is dedicated to making action-based video an easy and natural part of business development.

Mama lights

Mama Lights is a website that provides families with fun LED safety lights and toys that help illuminate their active lifestyle.  Whether you want the coolest lights for your children's bicycles so cars will see them, a light for your early morning run, lighted leashes or collars for your furry family members, or even lights for helping you unwind on the boat or camping, Mama Lights has the best selection of LED light technology you will find tailored to your active lifestyle. 


Torpsy is a business toolkit provider which supplies organizations of any size the tools needed to propel their businesses forward. Torpsy customers can get custom websites, social media accounts created and branded posts, establish company emails and phone numbers, get their company published on product identification applications like Google and Yelp, press releases and customer communication frameworks outlined for their target markets, and logo and video services. With various resource packages available, Torpsy enables organizations to increase their presence, professionalism, and customer exposure in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of individual service providers. You have a great business, now let Torpsy show you how to bring customers to it.


Badfish is a modern media network for the outdoors industry. Badfish creates a variety of stimulating content and experiences where outdoorsmen and women can be entertained on all platforms and devices. We are a brand people can connect with, respect and be inspired by.  We’ve started by targeting one of the largest hobbies in the world, fishing. After proving the model we will expand to the entire outdoor industry.

Southern Trapper

Southern Trapper provides consumers with a reliable and safe way to travel with a handgun -  their heirloom-quality impenetrable leather goods incorporate a sleek and low profile design, with accident prevention technology that will stop a bullet and prevent harm to the wearer and bystanders. The truly unique aspect of Southern Trapper is the life saving technology that assures the handgun is harmless to all, while the handgun is holstered or stored.



Automate your tabs. Radtab is bringing convenience and peace of mind to your bar-hopping experience.  This means your tab is opened before you walk in the bar, you can leave the venue unannounced, and Radtab will tip and pay your bill automatically.

Barista Vending

Locally Roasted Cold Brew Coffee on Tap
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