cohort 5  (January-April 2016) 


Wavve is a social audio platform that gives community leaders and fans a platform to connect with one another through voice sharing. Users create "Channels" and invite others to engage around a specific topic or community through audio posts (called Talks). Talks can be shared to other social media applications (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to encourage discussion on the Wavve app.  Wavve provides community leaders such as Podcasters, radio hosts, sports fans, media sites, and more, with tools to better engage and track audience activity. 

the scholarship system  

The Scholarship System is a program for students and families to learn the necessary steps to pay for college without taking out student loans. Through online webinars, an online course and live workshops at schools and conferences, The Scholarship System teaches students the process by breaking it down into 6 simple steps. This process has been tried and tested as the founder, Jocelyn Paonita Pearson, actually used it herself to get her entire college education paid for, having enough to graduate with zero student loans.


eScout, Inc. is software company that develops cloud based networks for athletes and coaches to crowdsource analytics for training, performances, and equipment reviews, redefining the phrase 'training partner'. 


StockAid is the definitive inventory forecasting solution for your small business. It's as simple as syncing your data online, setting your desired parameters, and pressing run. StockAid does the rest for you, analyzing your history and helping you purchase the right items in the right quantity at the right time.


RAAD is a mobile app 'fast pass' that lets you skip lines outside bars and clubs. Using RAAD, you immediately get entrance inside bars/clubs without waiting in any ridiculous lines. With just a few clicks we allow you the opportunity to be treated like a VIP.


Auto-Ad places customer advertisements on their fleet of vinyl wrapped SUV's. Once they have the advertisements on the vehicle, Auto-Ad then gives it to a veteran in need. The veteran operates the SUV as his/her primary vehicle, driving it to work, to walmart, to their favorite restaurant, to the movie theater, to pick up the kids from school, etc. Auto-Ad is a revolutionary new way for companies to advertise while contributing  to a charitable cause.

Active engine

Active Engine is a cloud based service that automates rapid development of highly scalable software.  No downloads or installation required, users simply interact with the service as if it were a remote developer on their team.  Active Engine is technology agnostic, meaning our potential user base is not limited to specific development languages or databases and allows for technology stack variations with full transparency, unmatched speed consistency, and security of that code.



Social Media Marketing for small businesses made easy. Intelligent content suggestions and automatic scheduling helps you do what you never had time to before — stay engaged with your existing audience while growing your prospective customer base. Pareto is the Social Media intern you wish you had.