Cohort 10 (aug-nov 2018)

Cohort 10


eFundYourHealth is a crowdfunding platform that provides a vehicle for tax-deductible donations that matches campaign donations, expands the reach of complementary and alternative medical treatments and eases the financial burden for both the patients and those practitioners who want to help but otherwise wouldn’t be able to. 

Food Fire + Knives

Food Fire + Knives is an in-home culinary entertainment service specializing in cooking classes and private dinners that utilizes and supports local chefs.


Guhroo helps financial service providers grow their practice by offering elegant and simple HR software that is branded to their company.

This easy to use HR platform allows service providers to compete with national payroll and HR providers to win more business while expanding their service offering for their existing clients.



JUICED, LLC  was founded in 2015 to become a leader in the development of mobile group-charging batteries with a focus on the mobile needs of the millennial generation (charge in the now, wherever, whenever). The company launched with the goal of creating other battery and phone accessories to be used by restaurants and then sold in the retail market.

The company’s first product, the wireless charging station JUICED, completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017.

“Users will find that JUICED 2.0 eliminates the need for them to carry smartphone cords, wires, ugly charging cases and bulky battery packs and gives them freedom from the wall socket when it comes to keeping their smartphones ‘juiced’ and powered up." Always stay connected with JUICED.

Rheos Gear

Rheos makes sunglasses that float in water. They're polarized, 100% UV protected and packed with all the bells and whistles you'll find in your favorite premium brand.

You can surf at the Washout, paddle through Shem Creek, or kite the whole of Sullivan's Island without having to worry about your shades. And with enough style and color options to fill a boat, you'll look as good (or better) than you ever have in your old favorite sunglasses.

If you moved here for the beach… so did we. It's nice to meet you.


Sidekik USA's most popular product is The Sidekik, a soccer juggling innovation! The Sidekik was created by a College of Charleston Men's Soccer alumnus and they can be found in almost 50 retail stores nationwide. After kicking the elastic rubber base of the Sidekik, it's four large feathers slow it down in the air resulting in a rotational rhythm with a crazy twist. No only is this product a fun game to play but it's also a training apparatus for players. You can find Sidekiks being juggled around the world by youth players, professional soccer players and professional soccer freestylers.

Stash Gourmet

Stash Gourmet delivers fully-prepared, gourmet dinners to workplace campuses across Charleston. Utilizing a local network of top-notch chefs from area restaurants, catering companies and food trucks as well as enabling customers to order completely via text messaging we are the most convenient and delicious food option in town.


.UNLTD is an online social streaming service founded as a solution for independent artists to take control of their career from music distributors/record labels and eliminate the low royalties they currently receive. Fans can directly endorse their favorite artists on our platform.

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