Spring Highlights at The Harbor

"Whenever you put that many extraordinary people together the potential for something amazing to come from it is exponentially higher than anywhere else in Charleston." - Anonymous 


The past couple months have been absolutely incredible here at The Harbor and the Charleston entrepreneur community. From watching you pitch to Steve Case on the Yorktown, to partying it up with you at the Founders Ball...we wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank each of you who came out to show your support and make these events truly come to life.  

Here are a few highlights from each:

Founders Ball

“Anne and I had a great time last night at Founder's Ball. Keep up the great work promoting entrepreneurship & innovation in Charleston. Proud to be a sponsor and looking forward to next year!” - Leon Stavrinakis, Founder and Principal of The Stavrinakis Law Firm, Member of S.C. House of Representatives, Founder's Ball sponsor

“It was truly a ball. Congratulations to all of the mentors and experts I met who are helping the companies in the HEC Accelerator program. And many thanks go to the HEC contributing donors for showing up to celebrate Patrick Bryant, John Osborne, and Jackie McKelvey! In a short time, those three have created valuable collisions for growth-minded entrepreneurs in the Charleston area.” - Amy Love, Director of Innovation at South Carolina Department of Commerce


Steve Case: Rise of the Rest

"Charleston SC has emerged as the lighthouse to attract the creative class and reimagine themselves as a growing entrepreneurial class .. The Harbor Entrepreneur Center has buoyed this growth by making network collision cool. Colliding our entrepreneur class with Steve Case and his #RiseOfRest tour on Charleston's pride USS Yorktown was brilliant and spectacular all at once" - Manoj Govindan, SVP Alliances, Advanced Technology & Partnerships, Wells Fargo.

“That Steve Case chose Charleston, South Carolina for a stop on his Rise of the Rest tour demonstrates what we already know about this state – that it’s just right for entrepreneurs. The USS Yorktown was an incredible setting to host Steve Case – a gigantic ship representing our state and country’s past, with a giant of the tech industry next to South Carolina’s Governor and Charleston’s talented startup companies representing our state’s tremendous future. It was a thrill to witness one of The Harbor Entrepreneur Center companies – Bidr – winning $100,000 from Mr. Case. And it was a real joy to see all of the hundreds of supporters of the HEC and the Charleston community showing up to celebrate all things entrepreneurship and innovation in Charleston. I commend the Harbor Entrepreneurship Center for catapulting Charleston’s entrepreneurial environment in a short 1.5 years, and for building strong relationships with groups like Revolution Ventures, so that Steve Case and the Rise of the Rest Tour had an eye on South Carolina.” -Amy Love, Director of Innovation at South Carolina Department of Commerce