How to Engage with a Specialty Expert

A year ago, I was asked to be one of the “Specialty Experts” in Marketing for the Harbor Accelerator Program.  I always wanted to help a startup and thought this would be a great experience. I love marketing and have been successful helping companies build their brand and revenue. So, how do you, as a new company, take full advantage of the expertise available? Here are some of my tips:

  • Form a Board of Advisors: Think about what you need and send an email to those experts who may be able to help you. Ask if they have the time and are interested in your project.
  • Set-up a meeting to tell them about you, your idea and what help you need. Follow-up with those who attended who you think can be of value and ask them to be on your board of advisors.
  • Keep them informed and updated. Meet with them every month or every-other-month If you need some additional help, call on them.

Most of the Specialty Experts are in a time in their life where they are either: active entrepreneurs, consultants with a thriving practice or executives who have retired or semi-retired who want to devote some of their time to helping you. So, let them. Many of them can help you with financial matters, legal questions, accounting, human resource issues and, of course, marketing. I do not think many of us are looking at you for revenue. We know you are a start-up. but we may be at the point in life that you will want to be too some day. Remember Maslov’s Heirarchy of Needs. Once the needs in other areas have been met, people seek self-actualization. That is the time when they need to give, to pay-it-forward, to help others achieve. So, call on us! Connect with me on LinkedIn at and on Twitter @barbfow50

Barbara Fowler

Part-time CMO

Chief Outsiders