The Propel program is designed to transform talented company founders into amazing CEOs, by inserting innovation and a grander vision into their entrepreneurial tool kit!

You’ve already made the hardest leap into entrepreneurship and put something in the world the marketplace cares about. HOLY CRAP IT WORKED…...NOW WHAT?  You want to step up your game as an entrepreneur and go to next level. You started a fire, let The Harbor pour some gasoline on that thing. Led by growth experts and peer founders who have blazed a trail before, Propel offers you an extensive experience in growing and scaling businesses (that’s right, plural! We realize this may not be your first or last rodeo)

Just how does Propel help transform you from a talented founder into a true CEO?

Simple, with razor focus on what is most important during this crucial stage and development of your tool kit as an entrepreneur. Through a highly selective application process, we will select 6 Founders to participate in Propel. Propel entails 1 full day per month for 6 months in which the following curriculum is covered:

Month 1: Activation Strategy: Defining your Scaling Strategy

Month 2: Leadership and People: Building a Great Company

Month 3: Marketing and Sales Techniques: Leads and the Funnel

Month 4: Systems and Customer Experience: Build a Foundation now

Month 5: Product, Pricing and Finances

Month 6: Grand Finale


Interested in Applying? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Bare minimum revenue of $50k+ in the last 12 months or eclipsed 100,000 users.  Target applicant is between $100k - $1M in the last 12 months

  • Hungry for a bigger vision and want to learn how to scale your growing business

  • Can commit to (6) full-day monthly sessions


If you’re accepted, here’s what you get:

  • workspace access in The Harbor Sites for 6 months
  • introduction to investors and the extensive Harbor network

  • 6 day long sessions with proven performers in the curriculum topics above

  • a bonding experience with peer entrepreneurs also growing their skill set

  • 1 ticket to Harbor Founders Ball


ALL AT NO COST TO YOU…...just be awesome and willing to show up to fight the fight.

If greatness is in you and you agree growth comes from putting yourself in an uncomfortable position, Submit your application below!

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