Our Programs

We help scalable companies grow through our Accelerator for innovative startups, Forum groups for further-stage founders, and other powerful resources, The Harbor consistently provides opportunities for local entrepreneurs to collide with other highly motivated, capable, and intelligent individuals.


Shared Workspace

We're curating those who are working from our space, making sure that everyone here is in the collaborative, short term need, entrepreneur mindset.

Business Accelerator

The Harbor Accelerator is a business accelerator program with one goal: support the growth of scalable business in the Charleston region. Each participating startup is provided tremendous resources and support to grow rapidly, test the market quickly, and become viable.

JRS Coding School

Are you considering a new career in software development? JRS Coding School invites you to turn your creative thinking into productive coding. 


As you grow your business, you will face many new challenges. Whether it's a worker’s comp issue, a new marketing opportunity, or a difficult client, you can bring any issue to Forum.