“Forum is the most powerful business asset that I have”
– Patrick Bryant, Harbor Co-Founder

Forum is the process of meeting with other like-minded individuals that are charging for the same goals. These focused mastermind groups provide a new dimension on your business and life. Meeting with like-minded individuals allows for feedback in a trusting and confidential way. You will be amazed by the power of having different perspectives from peers that have gone through similar circumstances.

"Picture having a monthly focus group of smart business people that understand your crazy entrepreneurial ideas and support you as a person, with no agenda other than making better business decisions."

As you are growing a business you encounter many new challenges. You have a worker’s comp issue, a new marketing opportunity or a difficult client. You bring that issue to Forum and in a completely uncompetitive environment, the group weighs in with their past experiences, relevant contacts, and offers support. You then provide this same level of commitment back to the group and before you know it, the entire group’s businesses are more successful. Many members have saved more money than dues by being provided with cost saving measures and made more money by following the advice of other proven company leaders.

Forum is based on a specific process outlined by Bill Masters in his book The Process of Focus Forum. The Harbor takes that system and provides the logistics to ensure you and your group spend valuable time working with each other, not wasting time handling meeting locations, recruiting members, and planning parties. Forum meets monthly at the Harbor and each group is limited to 8 people. You have Veto power of every member added to the group. Only Founders with businesses that have eclipsed 250k in annual revenue with 3+ employees are eligible. Groups are split up based on size of company, area of town, etc. No one in a specific group can be related to other members (vendor, competitor, spouse, business partner). Dates are scheduled one year in advance in order to ensure that members can attend every meeting.

The Harbor assigns a mentor from another group to ensure everyone understands the rules of their forum group. This mentor provides a full training session introducing the process and works through what makes a great forum group. Members and their spouses / guests can attend the Harbor Founders Ball with guaranteed complimentary tickets each year. This is a great way for spouses to meet the group and interact with each other. The Harbor Forum Retreat is designed as the ideal chance to review the year and get know your forum group better. Each trip allows networking with all the founders in the Charleston community with specific activities private to your forum.

Harbor Forum groups receive:

  • Start-up training day (outlining the entire program)
  • Forum Mentor (member of another established forum to provide guidance in the process)
  • Forum process (including PDF worksheets)
  • 11 Forum meetings per year (5 hour sessions)
  • Lunch provided at each Forum meet
  • Conference room space for each meeting
  • Coordination of logistics and recruiting for future members
  • Forum members have veto power over all new members
  • 2 tickets to The Harbor Founders Ball in May
  • A spot at The Harbor Forum Retreat in October

But don't just take it from us, hear from one of our very own Forum Group members.

"Joining a Forum Group is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Business is about relationships and I am lucky to have these relationships with other business owners. The bond I’ve created with such a supportive and knowledgeable team of peer entrepreneurs is invaluable.  I strongly recommend business owners take advantage of such a tremendous resource which has benefited me in both my personal and professional career."
 -Glenn Von Rosenberg 

Cost: $2,700 per year

Forum References:

Patrick Bryant
Gene King
Adam Witty
Tom Demuth
Dave Brown
Mark Richards
Chad Waldorf

Join a Forum group now and start getting the best feedback of your life. We will start as many Forum groups as demanded. There are already multiple groups going and we would love to get you in a group of peer entrepreneurs.