Specialty Experts

The Harbor has over 100 Specialty Experts specializing in a wide variety of fields: marketing, branding, tech, IP, etc!

The Harbor Experts are individuals that have specific areas of expertise and ability to help entrepreneurs grow. One of our most valuable assets in Charleston is the wealth of knowledge that individuals can give to our growing enterprises.

Our Expert’s skill sets include marketing, business growth, law, accounting, strategic planning, web design, social media, and more. We only ask that you volunteer your time while startup companies are in the accelerator program. Once they graduate you are welcome to use your new relationship to continue helping them in a vendor or investor relationship. There is no specific time commitment. You and the companies determine the timing. We do ask that you meet at one of The Harbor sites… so, we can facilitate interactions between experts, mentors, and the start-ups. Experts are expected to support as a Sponsor.