Entrepreneur Studio

Entrepreneur Studio is a unique opportunity for those in the room to hear what it was really like to build a company from idea to multi-million…


Entrepreneur Studio happens once during each accelerator program and features a rock star entrepreneur in an “inside the actors studio” style interview elaborating on their journey as an entrepreneur.

We know that successful entrepreneurs don’t often ride in on a white horse and get presented the keys to building/sustaining a multi-million dollar business on a silver platter – Dispelling those myths and digging down to the real story are where our Studios come in.  Past Studios have featured Grier Allen (CEO of Boomtown!), Mason Holland (Co-Founder of Benefitfocus and Chairman of Eclipse Aerospace), Steve Swanson (Founder of Automated Trading Desk who sold the company to Citigroup for 680 million), Anita Zucker (CEO of the Intertech Group and South Carolina's sole billionaire), Steve Case (Founder of AOL), and Rebecca Ufkes (Owner and President of UEC Electronics). 

Get to know some of the region’s most influential entrepreneurs on a distinct, exclusive level!